Construction & Build Quality

Tideline uses an advanced resin infusion build process which is far superior to the more traditional and more common hand-laid construction method. This fabrication process uses vacuum pressure to drive resin into the fiberglass. The result of the vacuum resin infusion is an optimal fiber to resin ratio, which ultimately produces a significantly stronger fiberglass as compared pound for pound to fiberglass produced by more commonly used hand lay-up methods.

In addition to the strength and superior quality of our fiberglass, the hull and deck of each Tideline Boat are glassed together in addition to being thru-bolted. Each hull is also glassed to an internal composite stringer grid, which adds additional strength to the final structure. While most mass produced boats have consoles and leaning posts that are screwed to the deck of the boat, the console and leaning post of a Tideline are glassed to the deck. So in essence, each Tideline Boat is one solid fiberglass part and is as durable and as overbuilt as a boat can be. In addition to the strength and durability that this process provides, it gives the boat a much cleaner appearance and a look that is only found in the highest quality custom built boats.

The bilge and electrical access on each Tideline is ample and very well laid out, making this a very easy boat to maintain.

Tideline Boats are built by some of the finest, most experienced craftsmen in the industry. Production managers Doug and Carlton Layton have over 55 years of experience between them, with Carlton previously having 20 years with Albemarle Sportfishing Boats where he was in charge of production.

Factory Direct- Built to Order

Each Tideline Boat is built to order.   This means each customer can design their boat exactly as they want it, rather than accepting whatever boat the dealer has in inventory. Our team will work with you through the purchasing process and through the build process to ensure that the boat you are buying is the right boat for you and your needs.

Each Tideline comes with a transferable 10-year warranty.

100% composite, Tideline Boats are built the right way using only the highest quality materials and hardware and are built to last.